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Metal Beams

Real Estate Development & Program Management

Discover the potential of your project with real estate development and program management from Castillo Construction of Imperial County, California. You'll have an experienced contractor on your side to help make your construction project a success.

Building Types

We construct our buildings in a variety of forms, including block, conventional, and metal building systems. From experience, we know that most customers prefer metal building systems with new, enhanced designs that are both efficient and flexible. They can feature anything from sleek, all-metal wall panels to frame-stucco walls and blockwork.

Project Types:

• Office Buildings
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores
• Grocery Stores
• Refrigerated Warehouses
• Wastewater Treatment Facility
• Haybarns
• Bus Maintenance Facilities
• Manufacturing
• Mini Storage Facilities
• Farm Shops
• Medical Facilities
• Warehousing

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